Guinness Toucan Alarm Clock - B01GQ1S260

Guinness Toucan Alarm Clock - B01GQ1S260

Product Code: B01GQ1S260
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  • Official Guinness Merchandise

  • Using Famous Guinness Toucan Logo

  • Suitable for decoration or use

  • Created using a traditional alarm clock design

  • An ideal souvenir

  • Guinness Toucan Alarm Clock

    Arthur Guinness was famous for creating a popular Irish stout at St. James Gate in Dublin, Ireland. Since then, this beer has become one of the most successful across the globe. Guinness has expanded from simply an icon of the Irish Alcoholic Beverage, to a worldwide brand splashed on mugs, t-shirts and jewellery.

    This item uses the Guinness Toucan brand label, created as a novelty alarm clock. A genuine Guinness product.

    Material: Various

    Size: 4.5" x 3" x 2"

    Boxed/Item Weight: 200g

    Colour: Various

    Use: For use or decoration

    Guinness Toucan Alarm Clock - B01GQ1S260